Royal Route

Linlithgow sits squarely on the route, ancient and modern, that connects the fortress cities of Edinburgh and Stirling.
Several hundred years ago, the Royal Palace at Linlithgow was a good staging post in the journey between Edinburgh and Stirling.  Today, Linlithgow is a great centre to access both these cities either by public transport or by car.  


Edinburgh Castle

Scotland's capital city is one of the planet's top tourist destinations.  Steeped in history and retaining both an old town (Edinburgh was the World's original high-rise town) and a new town (beautifully layed out in the 18th century), the city is built around 7 hills, the most iconic being the rock on which Edinburgh Castle sits.

This is Edinburgh


Stirling was built as the fortress town that controlled the gateway to the Highlands.  For hundreds of years it was the lowest crossing of the river Forth and the bridge at Stirling was itself the location of Wallace's famous victory in the late 13th century.
Just outside Stirling on the fields near Bannockburn, 17 years later in 1314, Robert the Bruce defeated the English army of Edward II as he was trying to relieve the English garrison in Stirling Castle.